Granview Turf & Lawn Recipe

The Recipe for Handsome Lawns, featuring REV+6. What is difference between these products and traditional box store varieties? The Turf & Lawn Recipe can provide all needs for your suburban outdoor space in-one-box. Simplifying your projects with REV fertilizer, premium grass seed and patch+ …a 1-2-3 step process. This Granview formula provides the key benefits to grow sustainable outdoor space with lifestyle friendly lawns.

This is the Ultimate Grass Seed program – 5 years tested – to reduce overall input costs, help water conservation, help keep the lawn pests out and increased turf stability.

Professional grade seed can also be purchased independently in consumer and commercial size bags. The seed blend features a high content of self-repairing rhizomatous tall fescue, specialty turf-type fescue, perennial rye and bluegrass.