The Granview Story

Granview Farms has a rich history of agricultural best practices driven by high standards of quality and values. Established in 1966, Granview was initially rooted in traditional forms of farming, logging and livestock- nearly 50 years later it has grown to include numerous companies and partners committed to delivering high quality outdoor living solutions.

Currently, Granview is considered to be an industry leader in the production of nursery sod, grass seed, plant material, and landscape construction. Much of this progress to date can be contributed to the development of certain values and standards believed a top priority in the pursuit of collective goals:

  • Trusted Quality
  • Transparency and Communication
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Environmental Impact

A product or service endorsed as Growing Higher Standards TM means that not only can a customer trust the solution, but also feel good about it! With a growing network of partners, Granview strives to bring together knowledge for end users to excel in their outdoor living projects. It is in this network where great relationships and channels for businesses and consumers alike are facilitated while creating greater opportunity for the market as whole.

Look for the Approved by Granview label and come back for current outdoor living news!