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Granview and its partners have spent decades collaborating on outdoor living projects and best practices. Our reference center aims to collect this valuable knowledge and share it with our viewers with the hope of making seasonal tasks a great experience rather than a chore.


Recent Articles

Lawn Care Products That Are Eco-friendly

In the last decade or so, people have become more ecologically enlightened leading to a change in how they take care of their lawns. The popularity of eco-friendly lawn care products has increased as a result of people knowing their advantages. These products are not only safe for children and pets, but also they do not cause air or water pollution which is a good thing in this area when the ozone layer is almost destroyed by pollutants. Eco-friendly turf care products are created using natural ingredients instead of chemical ones.

How to Protect Turf: For A Healthier and Beautiful Garden

Installing sod is quite an easy task. However, managing and protecting turf after you have installed sod is easier. Although you may have installed sod, there are still a few things that you need to take care of so that you may enjoy having a beautiful garden. One of the key benefits of using RTF sod is how it requires the least amount of your efforts in its maintenance. Protect turf from drought with artificial grass, you need not worry about watering excessively during dry season. RTF sod comes with a unique ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Protecting Your Outdoor Plants Before the First Freeze

Baby, it’s cold outside…if you’ve cared lovingly for your outdoor plants all year, now’s not the time to forget them. Just as you seal up your windows and close off rooms you don’t use in the winter months, be sure to take some extra time to protect your outdoor plants. Be sure your plants are hearty enough to withstand cold temperatures; it’s an important consideration to make every time you plant.